Are you looking to broadcast messages to the players on your server? Well Trinity Core allows you to do that very easily!

Step 1: Ensuring It Is Enabled

We will need to check our worldserver.conf to ensure the auto broadcaster is enabled for our Private Server.

Make sure you have AutoBroadcast.On = 1 to enable it. Currently the configuration is set to run one auto broadcast message every 10 minutes, but you can make it a shorter time or longer.

Step 2: Create Auto Broadcast Messages

We will be creating these messages via the database under the auth table. I have created a simple query for anyone to use to quickly insert new messages for the auto broadcast system to use.

@weight= 1, -- The higher the number, the increase chances it has to display this message.
@message= 'Welcome to our server!'; -- Enter the message you want to display, remember to leave it encased in ' '

INSERT INTO `autobroadcast` (`weight`, `text`) VALUES (@weight, @message)

The above sql query is easy to edit and is user friendly. Simply run the query inside your database in the Auth database.

My aim in creating these tutorials is to help newcomers learn the fundamentals of working with WoW Emulation. Thank you for taking the time to read my tutorial, and I sincerely hope you find it helpful.

If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact me on Discord: privatedonut