[Eluna] In-Game Gambler

Induction Are you looking to let your players gamble in-game using gold? Look no further! WoWEmulation is releasing a new NPC in-game gambling script written in Lua for the ElunaLuaEngine. This has only been tested for Trinity Core 3.3.

[Eluna] Switch Genders Instantly

Induction Are you looking to allow your players to switch their genders in-game? Look no futher! With this simple script we are sharing with you today, your players will be able to instantly switch their genders without even having to

[Eluna] Announce New Players On First Login

Induction Are you looking to announce to the entire server on a player logs in for the first time? Look no further! We are sharing with you a nice little Eluna script that will do just that. Requirements * Any Emulator

[Eluna] Auction House Announcer

Induction Are you looking for a better way to help your players keep track of new Auction House listings? Who wants to seat around a city all day constantly checking for new Auction House listings when you can use this

Trinity Core - How To Enable Auto Broadcaster

Introduction Are you looking to broadcast messages to the players on your server? Well Trinity Core allows you to do that very easily! Step 1: Ensuring It Is Enabled We will need to check our worldserver.conf to ensure the