Place an automatic bounty based on the settings you choose on player login either with gold or item. Example: MinimumRNG number is 1 and Maximum is 25, this will make it a 1 and 25 chance that a player will be chosen for an automatic bounty upon login.


Everything in this script is customizable based on your needs, without touching any of the code.


  • autoBounty - True/False : Enable / Disable entire script
  • setFFA - True/False : Enable Free For All Flag When Selected for Bounty
  • rngMinNumber - Minimum RNG nmber that will be chosen
  • rngMaxNumber - Maximum RNG number that will be chosen
  • rngMatch - Random number that needs to be matched to be chosen for an automatic bounty
  • itemOrgold - Choose between item or gold.
  • goldBounty - If you choose gold, you can enter the gold amount that will be rewarded
  • itemBounty - If you choose item, you can enter the item amount that will be rewarded
  • itemID - If you choose item, you can enter the ID that will be rewarded.
  • isFirstLogin - True/False : Enable /Disable the chance of new players being selected on first login.
  • isGM - True/False : Enable/Disable the chance of Game Masters being selected.


Download: HERE



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