Are you looking for a better way to help your players keep track of new Auction House listings? Who wants to seat around a city all day constantly checking for new Auction House listings when you can use this simple but yet powerful script to announce all new Auction House listings to the entire server.



Simply copy and paste the code below into a new file Named AuctionHouseAnnouncer.lua and place it inside your Lua folder.

-- Made By CyberMist
local function OnAddItem(event, auctionId, player, item, expireTime, buyout, startBid, currentBid, bidderGUIDLow)
    SendWorldMessage("[AUCTION] "..player:GetName().." is selling item "..item:GetItemLink().."x"..item:GetCount()..".")

RegisterServerEvent(26, OnAddItem)

Screen Shots

Listing Item On AH
Announcing New Auction

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