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[News] Registration Page Update

Hello everyone! It has been a while since I released anything new on my website. I've been working on updates behind the scenes, but I wanted to take a moment to let you all know that I have recently updated

[Eluna] Automatic Bounty On Login

Introduction Place an automatic bounty based on the settings you choose on player login either with gold or item. Example: MinimumRNG number is 1 and Maximum is 25, this will make it a 1 and 25 chance that a player

[Eluna] Free for All

Introduction Today I am releasing an Eluna script that was requested. This is a simple but useful script that will allow you to define Free for All zones, forcing everyone into a Free for All flag, and disband groups upon

[Eluna] VIP Commands

Introduction Are you looking to give your VIP players a little more than just items? Then you found the right post! Today I am releasing a highly customizable VIP Command script written in Lua for the ElunaLuaEngine.   If you encounter

[Eluna]Bounty Hunter

Introduction Welcome to my latest eluna script release - Bounty Hunter This script allows players to place bounties on other players and for other players to earn rewards by hunting down and killing the target player. It adds an extra

[Eluna] Set Custom Mall Speed

Introduction Are you tired of running around the mall very slowly? Well today I will be sharing a simple Lua script written for the ElunaLuaEngine to set your players speed based on what you define. Features * Set Custom Speed * Define